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Is there meal facility in your Hostel?

Yes, we have mess facility on terrace and you can avail this service at a very nominal price. Our kitchens are hygienic and follow recommended culinary guidelines for your health's sake. Each day menu changes and you will have wholesome and nutritious diet every time.

How is security at your facilities?

We place the highest priority on safety of occupants. Our hostels are well covered with CCTVs installed at every entrance and lobby. Unauthorized entry of hawkers, delivery guys or strangers is strictly prohibited beyond the office area. We have female and male staff to handle such intrusion. The register is also maintained for visitors' movement.

How much do I need to pay for advance payment as security?

Only a month's rent will be the security. In order to claim security you have to inform at least a month in advance and in order to adjust security in next month rent you must inform 45 days earlier. If you fail to do any of these and leave the room immediately, then security will be forfeited.

Will there be a legal paperwork?

Yes, as per authority tenants must be verified properly. So our office will do that and you don't have to pay any fees for it.

Can my relatives or guests come into my room?

We have a separate waiting area designated for your visitors. Beyond that point, no one can enter the premises.

Do you provide parking space?

Yes, we have ample parking space to park cars, bikes and Scooty etc.

What about electricity and water backup and how much I need to pay for them?

Adequate measures are in place to maintain a constant supply of both. Large water tanks and inverter/generators are in place in the face of supply cut off. Electricity and water charges are subject to discussion.

I work late night shifts. If I come late, will I get entry to my room?

Yes of course, we have staff round the clock to assist occupants in any manner whatsoever. You just need to inform us in advance about your in timings.

Can I pay rent online?

Yes, you can pay in any mode suitable to you. The only condition that the rent must be credited to our account within 72 hours.

What are other free facilities you provide?

We offer free wifi, TVs, entertainment room, bed-mattresses, chairs and room heater, filter water.

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